The Kitchen- Before

This is what we started with...

We started with cupboards from the 1970's that were falling apart and rotted out in some areas, no appliances, ugly and broken fixtures, 3, (yes, 3) layers of tacky wallpaper stuck to the walls, torn up linoleum flooring, and bad plumbing. And that is the short list of our kitchen.

This took a lot of planning and work. BUT thankfully, not a lot of money to put together the Farmhouse kitchen we wanted to create. Our budget for the kitchen was under $3,000- YES, UNDER $3,000. 

The Kitchen- During

A Fresh Start

4 months to get to this stage of emptiness and fresh paint. 

One things we hired out was professional painters. We have very tall ceilings  throughout the main floor of our house and we didn't want the paint job to look like we did it! (Because, it would have not been pretty!) Can you see the light fixtures still hanging down in the pic? We still had a journey ahead of us, but this was a huge step! 

Shop Around!

Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget

We shopped around for months, getting quotes on cabinets of all kinds and all finishes. The most expensive quote was around $10,000 for finishes cabinets (from a big name home improvement store in the area). Our next quote was around $6,000. Both were far outside our budget for the whole kitchen. We ended up going to our local Menards and bought brand new unfinished oak cabinets for under $1,000- for our whole kitchen! Seriously, the best things you can do when renovating is to shop around! 

If you can.. do it yourself!

The DIY approach literally saved us thousands!

As I previously stated, we bought unfinished cabinets. This saved us so much money! It took more time then made to order- but why spend money on something you can do yourself? 

Painting Cabinets

There's a first time for everything!

This was my first time painting cabinets. It takes time, but is not hard!

I used General Finishes Antique White Milk Paint for my color. It's the perfect balance between white and creme. Our kitchen is small and narrow so I needed a white color to make it look brighter and bigger.  (P.S. You can't go wrong with white paint- it makes everything look fresh and new!) 

It's as simple as sand, prime, paint and seal. I used milk paint so I sealed with a General Finishes Poly called High Performance. 

The Kitchen- After

Our Farmhouse Kitchen

8 months later and we had a kitchen. A working, functional, farmhouse kitchen. And the best part, we did it all for UNDER our budget of $3,000!

Here's our breakdown of cost:

$1200 Unfinished oak cabinets

$150  Paint, Primer & Sealer

$100  Hardware for cabinets

$500 Barnwood flooring from Sams Club

$300 Farmhouse sink from Menards (you can't have a Farmhouse kitchen without a Farmhouse sink!) This was my splurge! 

$500 Countertops from Menards

This took a lot of planning, prayer, and hard work.