Love Milk Glass? Me too!

Thank you Valspar paint for creating a one of a kind MILK GLASS spray paint! Now, anything you want can be milk glass! 

This stuff isn't cheap spray paint- it's the real deal and leaves a beautiful finish. Look at what I did with these dollar store pieces of glass and some glass glue. 

Decorate With Old Windows

With or without the pane, old windows make any room cozier

I have old barn windows all over my home. They are easy to get a hold of and in most cases cheap. I probably paid not more than $15 for any one of these. Some still have the pane and some don't - either way they are stylish in any room you put them in. I have them in both of our bathrooms and a couple in other places. The one in this picture I placed a shelf under. The one above (in the middle) I decorate seasonally by hanging decor from it. They are even fun to personalize! Anyone can do this!